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small voices Foundations 1 – Purpose

Monday, October 3rd, 2005
Having started to post small voices resources on the net, I realise that, in many ways, I have put the cart before the horse. There is a lot of background to discuss. First, what is my purpose in doing small voices?        

  1. To get post-evangelicals, church leavers and spiritual seekers together.
  2. To stimulate and validate thinking, belief and spiritual practice.
  3. To facilitate the beginning of new spiritual expressions.
  4. To provide resources for others to do the same

To be honest, I expect that post-evangelicals and church leavers will benefit the most from my resources because that is what I am. However, the basic format and some of the materials may be useful to others. I acknowledge that, to some extent, this is a deprogramming exercise for disillusioned churchgoers, but I also feel that there is plenty of positive stuff that will encourage such people to find a suitable path, rather than throwing out faith altogether.