Foundations 2 – Diversity in Unity

Diversity in Unity is one of the great ideals of the British multi-cultural society. I also happen to think that it is an ideal with Christian roots. The whole concept of the body of Christ with it’s members, points to a situation of a diversity of task with a unity of goal.The question is, ‘To what extent should we expect a variety of belief and opinion to form part of the diversity aspect, and to what extent should it be subordinated to unity’. In this post-modern age the point should be moot. We have churches full of people of diverse opinion and theology who sit silent as a party line is preached. At some stage there is a disconnect, as churchgoers develop their ‘in-church persona’.  

In order to reconnect, church must embrace the diversity of opinion and spiritual experience of all it’s members. This is why a gathering that celebrates and explores diverse opinion is fundamental to my model for church.

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