Scotlands New Start

I spent the last few days of last week wandering around the New Start Scotland exhibition at the SEC in Glasgow. This was an event sponsored by Scottish Enterprise to encourage new business starts. The exhibition was designed to encourage new-start companies to begin and grow by bringing them together to network, introducing them to suppliers and potential partners, and running seminars on business. The idea is to get initiative moving and stimulate economic activity.

All this got me thinking about the Scottish spiritual economy and the stimulating effect the Dreamday Edinburgh has had, at least from the reports I have read. Activity has been stimulated in a similar way to the exhibition I attended: through networking in order to link up with partners, resourcers, others with relevant experience and those who wish to consume the ‘product’.

If spiritual activity is to increase in Scotland, there must be spaces for this sort of networking. A lot of the attendees at the exhibition were not ready to start businesses. They are just browsing and dreaming: fantasising about the day when they break free of their current wage-slavery and build something more suitable for themselves. It starts with a dream, then you realise that it can be a reality. Others have taken the step before you. Then one day the decision is made and you begin to make your dream real.

It is time we began networking and dreaming those dreams. Mine are tiny at the moment, but I remember how it was when I dreamed of running my own business. Fantasies do become realities.

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