The Inner Call

I have been thinking about the call of God: that God is seeking us and calling us to himself and into his world. That out of this intimacy is born our own unique expression of God. There are those who seek to invade the space between us and God and to dictate to both of us how things should be. Jesus spoke about people causing us to stumble. Others, from fear of intimacy, hire people to do the business for them and pretend to themselves that they have heeded the call. Still others dabble at the edge and write and speak about such things rather than doing them, but the call is to intimacy first and then authentic action.

In light of this, what sort of leadership is valid? What help is truly helpful? Witnessing to your own experience has to be valid, but bear in mind that others walk a different path. Encouragement too is valid. There has to be a place for asking questions and exposing double standards where necessary, but over all there must be a caution about stumbling people: about destroying through ignorance what God and your friend are expressing together.

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