Today we took the historical step of visiting the church that we used to attend 25 years ago. It is very hard to sum how we found it. We are talking here about a church that was in the vanguard of the Restoration movement of the 80’s and one of the first churches to spin off from Church House Bradford and we have had the intervening time to rethink our faith and come to some very different opinions.The first thing I was surprised at was how free I was from the control that was exerted in the old days. You always worry in these situations that you might end up feeling like a naughty schoolboy. Secondly, I really enjoyed their ecstatic worship. The songs were contentless and repeated endlessly, but that is actually the point of that kind of worship. The whole purpose is to free your mind and enter either a receptive state where God can meet with you and speak to you, or where your creative self can suggest concepts and solutions to your conscious mind depending on your point of view.¬†Sadly, the dark side is still there: unity through paranoia, ¬†simplistic passivity and triumphalism all raised their ugly head. But the people are still great and the fact that so many are together after all these years definitely counts for something.

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